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What abortion opponents claim: Having an abortion leads to emotional distress, negative feelings or mental health problems. depression, guilt, anger, grief, and shame after their partner has an abortion, feelings commonly experienced by the woman herself. sadness, intense longing, confusion, emptiness, anxiety, anger or sleeplessness. •. Grief tends to come and go in waves, and at first the waves may be very.

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Many women wonder how they will feel emotionally after an abortion. disagreements with your partner or a parent, feelings of sadness, anger, guilt or. Sometimes women feel angry, either at the situation, themselves, or other people. It is perfectly natural to attach blame and direct the anger accordingly, but. After an abortion a woman can feel angry for many different reasons. She may be angry at herself for having become pregnant or at the fetus for being there.

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Research has shown that emotions after an abortion can range from sadness, relief, happiness guilt, anger, shame, to a range of other things (Adler et al). So. When men do express their grief, they try to do so in culturally prescribed "masculine" ways, i.e. anger, aggressiveness, control. Men typically grieve in a. Post Abortion Stress is a woman's or a man's response to or difficulty in processing his/her emotions after the trauma of an induced abortion.