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There are two programs in which a foreign national may apply for permanent residence through spousal sponsorship: The Spouse or Common-Law Partner in Canada. As a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident, you can sponsor your spouse or common law partner/conjugal partner and his or her dependent children. Your partner. The immigration authorities will require a valid marriage certificate as proof of the spousal relationship. This is the simplest and most straight-forward type.

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If you are a Canadian citizen living abroad, you may sponsor your spouse and dependent children. You must present a reasonable plan to return to Canada. Your partner may be eligible for sponsorship even if you are not legally married. However, the partner being sponsored must have lived with their sponsor for a. Spousal immigration is an important aspect of Canadian immigration and thousands of people apply under this category every year. If you have a spouse who is.

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There is no such income requirement to sponsor your spouse to Canada. It is a common misconception that there is a specific income requirement before you can. Eligibility of Spouse · Should be above 18 years of age · Should be legally married or in a common law relationship. · Should have a marriage certificate issued by. Spouse Visa Canada Requirements · The potential sponsor should be 18 years of age. · Should live in Canada or should be planning to return to Canada; once their.