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EB-1 Extraordinary Ability / Outstanding Researchers or Professors / Multinational Manager or Executives Green Card. EB-1 Visa. Immigrate in the U.S. on EB1 greencard for Extraordinary Ability Professionals, Permanent residency (green card) is a permission granted by the U.S. EB-1 applicants can self-petition for an Immigrant Visa for Alien Worker, If approved, such immigrant visa petition will result in a green card. To initiate the.

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This immigrant visa petition qualifies the beneficiary for permanent resident status if they can document their extraordinary ability and. We provide support for employers and individuals who are navigating the EB-1 green card process. The EB-1A category (Employment-Based First Preference), also. "Aliens of extraordinary ability" (EB-1A) is an achievement-based opportunity for a green card. This category is available for those individuals who have.

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The EB1 green card grants successive applicants the US green card, also known as a permanent resident status. This means once you obtain it, you can stay in the. 11 Ways to Prove Extraordinary Ability for an EB-1A Green Card The most difficult aspect of securing an EB-1A immigration visa for extraordinary ability is. Alien of extraordinary ability is an alien classification by United States Citizenship and A green card can be granted on the basis of an EB-1A (but not an O-1).