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A sublet is meant to be a temporary arrangement where a subtenant returns the apartment to the original tenant before the original tenancy ends. If you make an. A sublease occurs when the original owner does not lease the premises to you, but there is another person or entity in between you and the landlord. A sublease is a new contract between the lessee and the sublessee. The original lessee turns into a sublessor in this new contract.

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If the contract doesn't mention sub-leasing, does that mean that sub-leasing is OK? · Most contracts include a clause requiring that owners or managers be. A tenant has signed a lease or rental agreement with a landlord. A subtenant, on the other hand, is someone who subleases or rents all or part of the rental. A sublease contract allows the original tenant of a rental property (known as the sublandlord) to rent out a portion or all of the property to another.

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Sub-Subtenant shall also have the right to set-off against any base rent, additional rent or any other payments required of Sub-Subtenant under this Sub-. Tenant shall not lease or sublease without written consent of the Landlord (but consent shall not be withheld unreasonably). Landlord may enter the premises at. A sublease agreement is used when a tenant needs to move out of the rental property before the end of their lease term. First, the tenant has to seek the.