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The Board for Waste Management Facility Operators establishes training criteria, approves training providers, and licenses qualified individuals who manage. A binding service for companies that transport, collect, process, store or totally dispose of hazardous wastes or in the case of final disposal of. For questions regarding the Solid Waste Collection licensing procedure email the Department of Environmental Waste Management or call REQUIRED.

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The General Waste Disposal Facility Licence costs S$ and is valid for two years. Upon approval of the application, electronic payment is required either. Waste carrier registration; Export and import of waste (transfrontier shipments); List of licensed waste management sites; List of registered waste carriers. Waste management licences You may need a waste management licence from NIEA, for example if you: You are unlikely to need a licence if you only store waste.

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Under the Waste and Contaminated Land (Northern Ireland) Order, a waste management licence is required to authorise the deposit, treating, keeping or disposal. Permit Type, Solid Waste Management License. Application Links. • View Application. • Apply Online​. • Waste Processing Facility Monthly Report (PDF). National Environmental Management: Waste Act: Fees structure for processing of applications for waste management licences, transfer and renewal thereof.