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Join the largest community about business growth. A place to get inspired and connect with other professional in growth, marketing and product. Join community. Through tactics like rapid experimentation, a data-first evaluation and iteration approach, and leveraging channels beyond traditional marketing opportunities. Growth hacking as a marketing strategy employs analytics to discover the best way to achieve a business's goal and situation to gain the necessary traction.

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When you turn to growth hacking for your digital marketing strategy, you're taking more “traditional” digital marketing strategies and using them in unique ways. Here's when growth hacking comes into play. The growth hacking strategies eliminate the donkey work and introduce more thoughtful options to beat down the noise. A growth hacker, in simple, is a set of unique and unconventional marketing strategies that helps your business to obtain ideal results quickly.

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Growth hacking (also known as 'growth marketing') is the use of resource-light and cost-effective digital marketing tactics to help grow and retain an. In fact, growth hacking is essentially applying a “hack” on the market- a new, disruptive idea, very specific to the target audience, usually low-cost. A growth hacker is someone who uses creative, low-cost strategies to help businesses acquire and retain customers. Sometimes growth hackers are also called.