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To give you a ballpark figure, in , average residential care costs in the UK were £34, a year, increasing to over £48, a year for nursing care homes. If you live in Northern Ireland and have over £23, in capital (savings, investments and property including the value of your home), your local Health and. If you enter a Care Home you will pay a contribution towards the fees based on produced by the Scottish Government and underpinned by the National.

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Adults of any age who are assessed by their Local Social Works department as needing care at home are eligible for Scotland's free Personal Care, regardless of. How do people pay for care home fees in Scotland? Care home provision in Scotland is person-centred, highly individualised, and local to each person and. Residential care home charges are subject to an assessment of a resident's means. The maximum charge in any of the care homes operated by Shetland Islands.

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The average care home costs in the UK in was £33,, rising to £47, when nursing care is required, according to Laing and Buisson's 'Care of Older. The savings threshold for / is £23, for England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and £23, for Wales. If your relative is above this threshold, and. live in Scotland, you are entitled to receive a weekly payment from the Scottish. Government towards your care fees. This is called the Free Personal and/or.